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Chocolate artisans in Florence

Tuscany, and Florence in particulary, had a very important role in the introduction and diffusion of chocolate in Italy. Chocolate used to be drunk in the form of hot liquid cream and the Medici family loved this nectar as soon as they tasted it. Cosimo III got his personal scientist to create a special new blend, the recipe of which was guarded as a Medici “state secret”. This is the special jasmine chocolate recipe, known as the “Granduke recipe”, that has been recreated by the Vestri family and that you can taste with us in the Vestri laboratory in Florence. In the morning we'll visit the laboratory Coccole e Cioccolato with demonstration and tasting. Then we’ll have a light lunch in Gastone Restaurant, well known in Florence for its fantastic desserts. After lunch we’ll move on to the Vestri laboratory for a choccolate tasting and to the Ice cream laboratory Procopio, for demonstration and tasting.


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